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Michael Dwyer


Available Works
Michael  Dwyer - We Caught him disguised as Mondrian (same mustache) in some shithole Nationalist Gallery in...
Michael  Dwyer - Frank repents and is converted to modernism in a modernist chapel with his deconstructive demons...
Michael  Dwyer - Frank breaks the braided stainless steel cables of modernism and severs his courtship...
Michael  Dwyer - They say they like colored people in their neighborhood_ but they really don_t.
Michael  Dwyer - Woodman and his melancholic Roman girlfriend frolic in the cattails_ while their illegitimate...
Michael  Dwyer - Schools will be safer when toddlers can open carry
Michael  Dwyer - Woodman wails! Picasso cut off his you know what w_ a chainsaw for sexual advances with his twins
Michael  Dwyer - Global warming and rising sea levels. LB seems oblivious to it Hope she saves the spiders and dicks!
Michael  Dwyer - The Girls Caught Walter Gropius at a Street in Dessau
Michael  Dwyer - Firday Night at the Bauhaus_chapter of the Loleche League_ Frau Gropius extolled the virtues of

Past Works
Michael  Dwyer - American Jesus
Michael  Dwyer - Three Mondrian suicide bomber barbies attack a Frank Gehry building for not having right angles...
Michael  Dwyer - Frank is martyred to the cause of deconstructivism_ crucified and impaled on the modernist
Michael  Dwyer - Tea and Hand Grenades - Time to go back to school!!
Michael  Dwyer - A Black man with a gun in an all white neighborhood in an open carry state... hmm!
Michael  Dwyer - The lamentation and gnashing of teeth when the monochromatic people found out colored people had...
Michael  Dwyer - Dick_ Jane _ Spot are ready for the first day of school. Dad says the NRA says we will be safer...
Michael  Dwyer - Martyrdom of the crusaders dog by ISIS-prevented by the heroic people_s 549 Frank Stella Division
Michael  Dwyer - more info

We Caught him disguised as Mondrian (same mustache) in some shithole Nationalist Gallery in... >


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